Day School

Are you interested in registering for 2022-2023 Adult Secondary School Credits (Day School)? Please email

Register to:

  • earn your high school diploma
  • upgrade high school credits
  • take new pre-requisites for an apprenticeship, college or university program

Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School offers high school credit courses throughout the school year in 6 modules (semesters). Each module lasts for 6 weeks enabling students to earn up to 2 credits. In one-year students may earn up to 12 credits plus earn maturity credits through PLAR (if applicable).

Prior Learning & Assessment Recognition (PLAR)

Am I eligible for PLAR? – Through PLAR, you may get credits towards your high school diploma based on your life experiences and assessments.

2021-2022 Day School Time Tables

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Guidance Counsellor – Jennifer Peer
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