International and Indigenous Languages Elementary Program

Would you like your child to learn a new language or experience the culture and traditions of your heritage language? You have come to the right place!

The International and Indigenous Languages Elementary (IILE) Program is offered through the Halton Catholic District School Board through Thomas Merton Adult & Continuing Education.

For over 20 years, we have implemented a fun and exciting way to enrich language learning. The main goal of the program that we offer students is to develop and/or maintain the ability to listen, speak, read and write the language of their home or heritage as well as a new language. Through this program, students will also learn about the culture and heritage associated with the language.

The International and Indigenous Languages Program is available to ALL elementary students from JK to Grade 8 Free of charge.

Program Details

  • The IILE Summer 2022 and Fall 2022-2023 Program will be delivered in-class (face to face) and online using Google classrooms (subject to enrollment and the availability of qualified instructors.)
  • Upon registering your child with a selected IILE Language you will be able to select the preferred method of delivery, either
  • in-class (face to face) or online (using Google classrooms).
  • Classes are conditional on qualified Instructor availability and student enrollment.
  • Students are admitted into classes as per registration time stamp, on first come first serve basis.
  • If you are registering for the Summer program and Fall IILE program please select both programs on the same registration form.
  • Once you register your child online for IILE, you will receive a confirmation email with your child’s email ( and password, to access the virtual Google classroom that will be provided to you closer to the program start date.
  • IILE includes a Fall School Year Program (September to June) and a Summer Program (July).
  • IILE Fall school year program:
    • Classes take place for 2 ½ hours once per week, Friday 6pm to 8:30pm or Saturday 9am to 11:30am.
    • For start date and detailed class schedule, please refer to IILE Class Schedule for 2022-2023 NOW AVAILABLE
    • For Languages available on Friday or Saturday please refer to IILE Flyer 2022- 2023 NOW AVAILABLE
    • Registration for Fall NOW AVAILABLE
  • IILE Summer Program:
    • Classes take place for 2 ½ hours 5 times a week Monday to Friday, during the month of July.
    • For start date and Languages available for Summer Program please refer to Summer Flyer 2022 NOW AVAILABLE
    • Registration for Summer NOW AVAILABLE
  • Your child will not need previous knowledge of the language to enter the program.
  • The program is available to all HCDSB and non-HCDSB students Free of charge

Face to Face and Online Classes are conditional on enrollment and qualified instructor availability. Grade level distributions are based on enrollment. If you are interested in a language that is not being offered, kindly email us at:

Register Now!

Parents can ONLY register their child online for the International and Indigenous Languages Elementary Elementary Summer 2022 and 2022-2023 Fall Program.

Registration for Summer School 2022 IS open and will close June 15, 2022 AT 4:00 P.M..

Registration for 2022-2023 school year is open and will close January 20, 2023 at 4:00 P.M.